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Informatics – Master study programme

0minút, 48sekúnd

Graduates of Master study programme Informatics are knowledgeable and experienced in methodologies used in informatics. They can focus on one of the following discipline: information network logic; theoretical informatics; neuronal network; or computer network security. Graduates can apply their skills in the widespread applications and are able to solve informatics problems. They understand social, moral, legal, and economical impacts of their profession. Graduates are skilled and knowledgeable in database systems, system programming and operating systems, subject oriented programming and information system architecture. They are able to analyze complexity and efficiency of systems, and design appropriate algorithm solution for system critical components. Further, they are able to specify, design and implement modern software systems, and to analyze and modify present systems. Graduate can work as a programmer, analyst, or a leader of the designing team for information system applications in private and public sector. In addition, graduate can continue his education at the Ph.D level and participate in education process at the universities.

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