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Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence – Bachelor study programme

1minút, 2sekúnd

Graduates of the study program acquire skills necessary for mastering the statistical and optimization methods needed for intelligent data analysis including programming skills to apply machine learning methods and selected methods of artificial intelligence. Graduates become able to work with various types of mathematical software capable of processing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Also, the students improve their softs skills by understanding the basic legal and ethical awareness of working with data, presentation, and examples of data analysis applications outside of mathematics and computer science.

Graduates of the study program Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to solve problems related to data processing, design and apply models of artificial intelligence in various branches of human activity to generate predictions, optimizations, and strategies for further use. They are ready to hold junior positions requiring knowledge of data analysis and artificial intelligence in the sectors of IT, marketing, energy, automotive, healthcare, logistics, banking and insurance sector, retail chains, state, and public administration.

The graduate will also be prepared to continue their studies for a follow-up master’s degree program or related single-subject (single-degree) and interdisciplinary study programs at Th Faculty of Science UPJŠ in Košice or other universities at home or abroad.

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