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Student stipends at the Faculty of Science UPJŠ

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  • Stipend based on study-programme, 800-1000 EUR annually,  stipend in the 1st year of study is based on the assessment from the secondary school, in the following years of study, the stipend is based on the assessment in the preceding year. Max. 20% of the best students are granted a stipend.
  • Stipend based on study performance – 434 EUR annually, granted in the 2nd year of study and the subsequent years to 10% of the students with the best assessment in the preceding year;
  • Stipends for talented students – 400 EUR in the 1st year, granted by the Rector, e.g. for successful performance in scientific competitions during secondary education;
  • Student assistant work – 120 EUR monthly, 10 months, assistant work positions in the laboratories, fieldwork, organizing events, max. 30 hours per month)

Hard-working students can earn up to 2600 EUR  annually given that stipend based on study-programme and study performance is granted and the student works as an assistant in the lab. This income is tax-free in the Slovak Republic.

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