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Exhibition of Aquatic and Swamp Plants

1minút, 42sekúnd

The system of water elements is a part of outdoor exhibitions. It consists of the main water reservoir with a stepped water cascade on the central Ecological Educational Area (EEA). The artificial stream, which is supplied with water from the main reservoir, meanders across the EEA and, after approximately 180 metres, empties into the “lower small lake”. Along the stream, there are small isolated tanks with an assortment of swamp plants in groups. In addition to the water circuit near the lower small lake, there is the so-called “grounded small lake” into which seepage water from all the outdoor exposures flows and thus saturates the surroundings of this partially natural reservoir containing wetland vegetation with moisture. At the turn of the 2019/2020 seasons, a major reconstruction of the damaged lower small lakes took place and brought about the restoration of their basic functions. It enabled the operation of ponds at elevated water levels, resolved sludge removal and natural water purification in the water circuit, enabled the creation of an attractive habitat for aquatic plants and animals. The originally non-functional connection to the adjacent grounded pool and surrounding plantings has also been resolved. An artificially created swamp habitat is located in a terrain break on the edge of rock-garden formations. The “swamp” is saturated with occasional natural precipitation flowing down the slope, and in times of drought, moisture is provided by supporting irrigation.
The small lake at the water spring below the Mini ZOO is influenced by fresh water from the only natural spring in the BG area. Moisture-loving vegetation thrives below the spring, next to the outflow from the small lake and at the foot of the adjacent slope. It develops partly in a natural way and was partly supported by artificial planting.
Water elements in the outdoor area of the Botanic Garden of P. J. Šafárik University include:

  • The main pool on the Ecological Educational Area with a water cascade
  • Stream
  • Separate small reservoirs around the stream
  • Lower small lake
  • Grounded small lake
  • Swamp
  • Small lake on the spring and its surroundings


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