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The ordering meals in Canteen, Faculty of Medicine

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How to order the meals:

The meals can be ordered by PIK, or by another card in CARDPAY UPJŠ system:

  • Ordering by Internet: For students of first year of study: The login and password is the last 10 numbers of 17-digit number card. We recommend to change the password.

Always select a canteen where you want to consume!

Canteen Medicka is DEFAULT, please change it if you want to order meal in another canteen.

You can change a Canteen in MENU à SETTINGS

  • Ordering by the self-service Ordering Terminal : the self-service Ordering Terminal is situated next to entrance of the Canteen at Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ.

How to order a meal by the self-service Ordering Terminal:

  1. use your card/ PIK
  2. select canteen
  3. select meal
  4. press FINISH/ KONIEC

The Control is intuitive.

The deadline for orders is one day before day of consumption at 2:00 p.m. You can cancel your order till this deadline. You can offer/ select a meal in section BURZA till 1:30 p.m. of day of consumption.

You must have deposited money on your card. Minimum is 5€ or multiple of 5€ (10€,15€,20€,25€…)

There are the same conditions for purchasing meals from the free sale.

Payment by the payment card is NOT POSSIBLE.

The MENU for orders and for free sale is available on

The price of the ordered meal is  5,48€ (grant is 1,50€, student has to pay  3,98€ for a meal).  Grant is credited immediately.

FREE SALE: minimum price of meal for a granting grant is 2,60€.

Price of meal from  2,60€ to 5,48€- grant is 1,50€.

Price of meal above 5,48€- grant is 3,00€.

The grant is granted by the 10. day of the following month.

Head of Canteen
Faculty of Medicine, Tr. SNP 1
Adriana Venceľová
055/234 1660, 091539063

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