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Plants of our Surroundings

0minút, 45sekúnd

This exhibition shows plants occurring around us in our surroundings, in towns and villages. No one sowed them, no one planted them. These wild plants are irreplaceable in our surroundings. They colonize the soil uncovered by utility or ornamental plants, liven the places where a man grows the plants in accordance with his concept up, increase the species diversity. In towns these plants are an integral part of urban verdure which represents the lungs of the town. It cleans and humidifies the urban air, dampens temperature fluctuations, especially during hot days. Many of these plants are the healing ones. Utility plants, as well as the poisonous ones can be found among them, too. They also have a very important aesthetic function in our surroundings. Let’s remember how charming a flowering meadow or even a less mowed city lawn is at the beginning of summer! Come and meet them in our exhibition.

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