Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice

Technology and Innovation Park

Scientific focus and projects

Centre for Interdisciplinary Biosciences (CIB)

is an interdisciplinary science and technology center focusing on intersection between biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and informatics research and on the transfer of scientific knowledge  into manufacturing practice. The dominant mission of the Center is the realization of high-quality basic research in the areas of protein engineering, nanomedicine, bioenergy and the environment. This is linked to the development of new technologies and innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases, the analysis of the environment as well as their marketing and the application of the latest scientific knowledge in economic practice and education.

Centre for Translational Medicine (CTM)

in a coordinated way, performs medical research especially in the areas of personalized and regenerative medicine. CETCM's goal is a long-term creation of effective diagnostic and treatment modalities in specified areas, while providing effective guidance for the population to change unhealthy habits and lifestyle with the aim of  long-term reduction of morbidity.

Centre for Information Science and Information Technologies (CIIT)

focuses on the development and application of digital technology products and communication systems, particularly in the areas of cyber security, communication systems and artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, it generates support systems for the development of other technologies in cooperation with CIB, CETCM and CPM.

Centre for Progressive Materials (CPM)

focuses on research, development and application of new progressive materials with significant physical, chemical and mechanical properties as well as research and development of technologies for their production and characterization. The aim is to transfer knowledge from basic research in physics, chemistry and material research to final applications in the field of sensors, actuators, computer memories and modern spintronic devices.

Last update: 18.10.2019