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Department of Project Support

0minút, 48sekúnd

The activities of the Department of Project Support are focused on the implementation and support of the following activities within the university:

  • permanent research and monitoring of the possibilities of financing project activities and non-selective, transparent and timely communication of information to the faculties and workplaces of the university, maintaining smooth information flows and feedback within the university,
  • methodical activity in the creation of project intentions and proposals,
  • preparation of documents for deciding on priorities in the field of project and business activity,
  • processing project intentions and preparing documents for the approval process,
  • support activities in the planning, preparation and processing of project proposals, administration of requests and contract documents,
  • supporting activities in project implementation processes – tracking deadlines, organizational and administrative security of activities, administration of purchasing processes, publication activities, monitoring, publicity, financing and accounting processes,
  • supporting activities within the processes related to project completion and project sustainability,
  • management and administration of the project portal,
  • monitoring and evaluation of statistical indicators and records.

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