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Electronic Information Resources
Access to these resources is controlled by a system of authentication. that, depending on the resource and whether you are working on-site or off-site, will function in one of two ways. If the computer you are using is on the University network (on-site), most electronic resources will allow immediate direct access with no need for a password.  However, if you are working away from the University (off-site) you will need to set up the university proxy server within the browser. 
Under the terms of licensing agreements with database supplier may UPJŠ students and staff to use electronic information resources exclusively on their teaching and research. Systematic downloading data from any source is strictly prohibited. It is prohibited to distribute or sell materials and data obtained from this source of information. Breach of licensing conditions may lead to blockage of access to information resources. "
The remote access
Trial - controlled by IP address of UPJŠ network
 Chemistry Central
Materials Chemistry Frontiers      to 31.12.2018
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering          to 31.12.2017
Nanoscale Horizons      to 31.12.2017
 PhysMath Central
Polpred  The Russian News
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering        to 31.12.2017

The licence databases - controlled by IP address of UPJŠ network
ACM  information technologies, computer science  help  
APS   physic    
Bibliomedica medicine
Access in the University Library only – in Czech
Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection         
 Knovel   science    help  
 Proquest Central  multidisciplinary  help  instruction
 Reaxys   chemistry 
database only for Faculty of Science
 Science Direct   multidisciplinary  E-BOOKS    help  instruction
 Scopus   multidisciplinary     help  instruction
 Springer Link   multidisciplinary  help  instruction
 Web of Science   multidisciplinary  help  instruction
 Wiley Online Library   multidisciplinary  help  instruction




Free access

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals  
Free Medical Information  
Good E-reader   list of free e-Book websites  
Journal of Visualized Experiments  
Master Journal List (Thomson Reuters)        help
PLOS Journals  
PubMed help
The Free Library: Biological Sciences  


Last update: 30.10.2017