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Electronic information resources

Electronic Information Resources (EIZ) are professional resources for science, research and study.

The University Library offers licensed (paid) EIZ as well as high-quality, freely available resources, and limited-term EIZ (so-called trial accesses).
Under the licensed EIZ, the library provides access to full texts of scholarly articles, e-books, metrics for evaluating scientific publications, citations, and others.

Use a university computer network to access licensed EIZ. For external access (eg from home, abroad) use remote access.

HOW TO SET UP THE REMOTE ACCESS (for employees and students of UPJŠ):

Instruction1    Instruction 2  video instruction

The licence databases - controlled by IP address of UPJŠ network

Trial - controlled by IP address of UPJŠ network
PolPred - Russian News


Free access

Bibliografia Medica Čechoslovaca  
Czech National Bibliography  
Digital Library of the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University  
DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals - multidisciplinary  
eBooks@Adelaide - multidisciplinary  
Free Medical Information  
Good E-reader - list of free e-Book websites  
Hand Hygiene - video  
Harrold - multidisciplinary  
HighWire - multidisciplinary  
Chemical Science  
Uniform Information Gateway  
Journal of Visualized Experiments

JoVE creates the ultimate solutions for advancing research and science education by making and publishing videos of scientific experiments from the top laboratories around the globe. Scientific videos at two unique resources:

JoVE Video Journal and JoVE Science Education Library.

The newest tips for online learning:

- Additional JoVE Core Biology videos including Plant Biology - a new unit of 3 chapters focused on Plant Biology is being introduced alongside additional videos in Core Biology. Teach scientific fundamentals with this video library of simple, easy-to-understand video demonstrations.
JoVE Core Social Psychology - isolate key concepts and bring the foundations of our social world to life. This video textbook can be used as a primary teaching resource or it can supplement other teaching materials. 
Lab Manual Chemistry - bring the lab home with comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for introductory chemistry lab courses. 

Until 15th June 2020 access to the contents of the Jove Education database only by registration.

Master Journal List - (Thomson Reuters) help
OECD iLibrary  
Online Books Page Serials - multidisciplinary  
Open Library - fiction  
Oxford Journals - abstracts  
Oxford Journals: Life Sciences  
PLOS Journals  
EU Publications  
PubMed help
Slovak Library  
The Eletronic Library of Mathematics  
The Free Library  
The Free Library: Biological Sciences  
The Royal Society of Chemistry  
The United Nations Digital Library  
University of California Press  
Versita - University journals full texts from Middle and Eastern Europe  
World Digital Library  


Access to these resources is controlled by a system of authentication. that, depending on the resource and whether you are working on-site or off-site, will function in one of two ways. If the computer you are using is on the University network (on-site), most electronic resources will allow immediate direct access with no need for a password.  However, if you are working away from the University (off-site) you will need to set up the university proxy server within the browser. 

Under the terms of licensing agreements with database supplier may UPJŠ students and staff to use electronic information resources exclusively on their teaching and research. Systematic downloading data from any source is strictly prohibited. It is prohibited to distribute or sell materials and data obtained from this source of information. Breach of licensing conditions may lead to blockage of access to information resources. "
Last update: 27.04.2020