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A T T E N T I O N !

Operation of the University Bookshop of UL UPJŠ in Košice from 17st FEBRUARY 2022.

The University Bookshop makes the bookshop available for customers enter and direct sales only to persons in the mode BASIC

In the sense of the above applies:

         - entry to the shop premises is only possible with the upper airways covered with the FFP2 respirator;
       -   the number of customers at one time may not exceed the concentration of one customer per 15 m2of area that is 3 person;
         - use hand sanitizer on entry; 
         - maintain a distance of at least 2 meters in the rows, with the exception of people living in the same household or people with severe disabilities and their assistants. 


Thank you for understanding. 


ŠafárikPress Publishing House 

The University Bookshop is located in the building of Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ in Košice. 

Customers can find there all available publications published by ŠafárikPress Publishing House and intended for sale and also can buy professional literature of selected Slovak and Czech publishers.

Purchasing is available also within e-shop UNIBOOK.

Electronic publications published by ŠafárikPress Publishing House are published for download in pdf format in our e-shop in the category Free e-books.

Address for services of University Bookshop:

Tr. SNP 1,

(building of Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ in Košice)

040 11 KOŠICE


Eva Matyášová, Ing. Andrea Forraiová

Tel.: 055/234 1635, VoIP 1635                               




Last update: 07.03.2022