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Acknowledgement of the student Alexandra Firmentová

0minút, 45sekúnd

Acknowledgement of the student Alexandra Firmentová, whose project captivated the attention by its business idea, and was included in the educational program “start-up culture” of the pre-incubator of start-ups at the Technology and Innovation Park of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (TIP-UPJŠ). I would like to thank TIP-UPJŠ which enabled me to be a part of the program that supported my business project after I had presented it on the event „Do something! “. I thank especially for the opportunity to get experience on the business enterprise in the real world. During this program I went through several consultations as well as training that introduced me to the world of entrepreneurs. Based on this experience, I decided that I would like to try continuing in my business activities independently on TIP-UPJŠ and I am glad that even after this decision, I still feel support from TIP-UPJŠ.


                                                                                                  Alexandra Firmentová

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