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Focus of research

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Multifunctional materials with outstanding physical properties
Modern applications in all fields of industry, medicine, IoT. require materials which, in addition to their mechanical, electrical and other properties, are also characterized by the ability to report information about their state. Modern physics recognizes a number of new physical processes that can be advantageously used to construct such multifunctional materials. Whether buildings that are monitored and repaired by themselves in case of structural damage, or medical sensors that not only register a change in temperature/position of the human body but also allow its correction. Within the center, we focus on the design and development of such materials and the technology of their production, characterization and design of the final solution suitable for industrial use.

Spintronics is a relatively new electronic industry that uses both the electron charge and its magnetic moment to transmit and store information. This allows for the construction of new types of memory that are characterized by high capacity (as hard drives) and at the same time high speed (as RAM) while maintaining dimensions similar to RAM. Such development requires an understanding of completely new physical phenomena, which can then be used in other sectors as well.

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