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0minút, 21sekúnd
  1. APVV-16-0079, Modern amorphous and polycrystalline functional materials for sensors and actuators.
  2. APVV-17-0184, Dynamics of domain walls and skyrmions in thin magnetic layers
  3. APVV-SR-FR, Surface magnetization processes of cylindrically shaped wires – investigations by magneto-optical Kerr effect
  4. VEGA-1/0053/19, Influence of chemical composition on unique physical properties of modern functional materials.
  5. VEGA 1/0195/18, Magneto-optical observations of thin wires with curved topography
  6. VVGS-2019-1231, Preparation and characterization of functional Heusler nanowires using electrochemical deposition method

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