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Priorities and scope of CTT activities

1minút, 22sekúnd
  1. Support of transfer of knowledge, technology and intellectual property of UPJŠ into practice.
  2. Identification, search and coordination of resource planning for commercialization and development of intellectual property.
  3. Consultation and assistance in creating spin-off and start-up companies. Incorporation of incubator for newly established companies.
  4. Assistance and support in finding suitable partners from the external environment to carry out research activities with the potential to transfer research results into practice
  5. Assistance and support in the search for grant schemes and projects within the Slovak Republic and the EU for obtaining grants for the implementation of activities with potential application in applications, as well as grants for the support and start-up of spin-off and start-up companies.
  6. Providing consultancy in the field of intellectual property protection.
  7. Search and identification of the results of creative intellectual activity at the faculties of UPJŠ.
  8. Assessing the results of creative intellectual activity and proposing appropriate forms of legal protection of intellectual property.
  9. Counselling, assistance and protection of intellectual property of UPJŠ.
  10. Methodological activity and education in the field of intellectual property.
  11. Collection of information and keeping of the Central Intellectual Property Register of UPJŠ.
  12. Initial assessment of the usability of UPJŠ intellectual property and identification of suitable partners for commercialization.
  13. Analysis of the possibilities of industrialization of intellectual property and finding out the degree of involvement of the creator.
  14. Investigation of the possibilities of dealing with intellectual property UPJŠ, assistance and support to creators in the area of contractual relations and protection of intellectual property.
  15. Presentation of the results of research and intellectual property subjects of UPJŠ to the public for the purpose of their commercialization and search for suitable partners for commercialization.

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