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9minút, 29sekúnd

Assoc. Prof. Erik Sedlák, PhD.

Zuzana Jurašeková, PhD.

Ing. Silvia Medová  


WP1 Research activities and know-how transferAssoc. Prof. Erik Sedlák, PhD.
Prof. Matthias Rief
Prof. Andreas Plückthun
WP2 Workshops, training & symposiaGabriel Žoldák, PhD.
WP3 Early-stage researchers: joint summer schools and trainingVeronika Huntošová, PhD.
WP4 Dissemination and communicationZuzana Jurašeková, PhD.
WP5 Training of administrative staffIng. Ivan Pezlar
WP6  ManagementZuzana Jurašeková, PhD.
WP7 Ethics requirementsZuzana Jurašeková, PhD.


Prof. Pavol Miškovský, head of the TIP-UPJS and CEO of the SAFTRA photonics Ltd., specialist in biophotonics and nanotechnologies. PhD. degree in Biophysics in 1986 at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic and DrSc. degree in Biophysics in 2000 at Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. Since then he has been holding a position of full-time professor in Physics at UPJS. He published 128 publications, cited >1450 times, H-index 25. He was invited to over 58 international conferences (including 4 plenary lectures) and several universities and scientific institutions over the world. He has rich experience with the coordination of both international and national research projects (EU FP7 and H2020, NSF, NATO, bilateral (FR-SVK), national and industrial projects). President of the Slovak Euro-Bioimaging network, member of the IB of the EuroBioImaging (EU Horizon 2020) and former member of EC of the EBSA. Director of the doctoral school in Biophysics at UPJS. He was twice honored by the award “Scientist of the Slovak Republic”: “Personality of the 2014 year within the EU programs” and “Personality of the year 2017 in the field of technology development”. Supervisor of 25 PhD students (including 4 in double diploma programs). CasProt project coordinator and WP1 leader: October 2020 – September 2021.

 Prof. Andreas Plückthun, Professor of Biochemistry at University of Zürich, specializes in Protein Engineering; he is the author of over 430 publications, which have been cited (Web of Science) over 24 000 times, H-index 97. He is an elected member of the German Academy of Science (Leopoldina) and EMBO. He is an inventor of 20 patent families. He co-founded three Biotech companies from technologies developed in his laboratory: in 1992 Morphosys AG in Munich-Martinsried (350 employees, TecDAX MOR, 1.7 bio €), in 2004 Molecular Partners AG in Zurich-Schlieren (90 employees, SIX MOLN, 600 mio SFr) and in 2014 G7 Therapeutics (privately held). Over 250 plenary lectures at international conferences of which (25 “keynote lectures” or “named lectures”). He has co-organized numerous conferences in protein engineering, and served, over the years, on the editorial board of about 20 journals. For his work, he received in 2005 the deVigier Award (Switzerland) and the Swiss Technology Award (together with the team from Molecular Partners), in 2002 the Grand Prix du Jury, Grand Prix Européen d’Innovation (Monaco), the Wilhelm-Exner Medal (Vienna, Austria) and the JP Morgan Chase Health Award (San Jose, CA, USA), in 2000 the Karl-Heinz Beckurts Prize for Science and Technology (Munich, Germany) and in 1990 the Young Investigator’s Award of the German Chemical Industry Association. Supervisor of >20 PhD. students.

Prof. Matthias Rief, Professor of Biophysics, Technical University of München specializes in single-molecule biophysics; he the is author of over 150 publications, which have been cited over 13,100 times, H-index 48 (Web of Science). He is an elected member of the German Academy of Science (Leopoldina) and a former panel member of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). He has co-organized numerous conferences in protein biophysics, and served, over the years, on the editorial board of Biophysical Journal. He supervised >10 PhD students. For his ground-breaking innovative work, he received Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Prize in 2000.

Assoc. Prof. Erik Sedlák, PhD., head of the CIB TIP-UPJS, a specialist in molecular biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology. PhD degree in Biochemistry (1998) from UPJS, and habilitation in Chemistry from the same University in 2006. He spent more than 10 years as a post-doc and research fellow at internationally recognized scientific institutions: University in Bayreuth, Germany, University of Texas, UTHSC at San Antonio, USA, Rice University in Houston, USA, University of Zürich, Switzerland. Dr. Sedlák has published 68 CC articles, cited >900 times, H-index 21. He was a principal investigator of 1 international project (EU MCF), principal investigator of 5 projects at national level, co-investigator of 5 international projects (1 DFG, 2 NIH, 1 Welch Foundation, 1 MVTS). He is currently the president of Slovak biophysical society and the elected member of Committee of Slovak society for biochemistry and molecular biology. Dr. Sedlák has been honored by several awards: The best scientific work of young scientist (under 35 years) in Biophysics (Slovak Biophysical Society; 2004); Award of Minister of Education of Slovak Republic for Science – science and development to 35 years; 2004. Supervisor of 7 PhD. students + co-supervisor of 2 PhD. students. CasProt project coordinator and WP1 leader: October 2021 –

 Gabriel Žoldák, PhD., research scientist at CIB TIP-UPJS, specialist in protein biophysics, protein stability, chaperones and protein folding.). PhD. degree from UPJS in 2006. He more than 12 years as a postdoctoral scientist at University of Bayreuth and Technical University Munich (Germany). He has published 36 SCI articles, cited >730 times, H-index 16. He was a principal investigator of 3 international projects (DFG, DAAD) and 3 national project (APVV, VEGA). Supervisor of 4 and co-supervisor of 1 PhD. students

Zuzana Jurašeková, PhD., scientist at the CIB TIP-UPJS, specialist in Raman scattering methods and their application especially in the field of cultural heritage, to study ligand-macromolecule interactions, for material characterization and bioimaging. PhD degree in Physical Chemistry at National University of Distance Education in Madrid, Spain (2009 – European Doctorate); several post-doc positions at ISOF of CNR in Bologna, Italy (2009, 2010); the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA (2010) and UPJS (2011-2013). Dr. Jurasekova has published 26 peer reviewed articles, cited >700 times, H-index 13. She was a principal investigator of 1 national project (VEGA) and co-investigator of 3 international (FIS, MICROSERES; Spain) and 2 national projects (APVV). She also participated on the realization of several EU projects (DOKTORAND – manager of monitoring, SOFOS, KVARK; 7FP CELIM – manager of WP2 work package). Awards: Special Award for an extraordinary doctoral study in Chemistry awarded by the Vice-Rector for Science and Research of the UNED University (2009/2010); Slovak Biophysical Society Award in the category of young researcher for outstanding results in Biophysics (2014). Supervisor of 2 PhD. students. CasProt project manager and WP6 and WP7 leader: May 2022 –

Veronika Huntošová, PhD., researcher at CIB TIP-UPJS, specialist in time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging techniques, detection of tissue oxygenation and metabolic changes, cancer photodetection and photo-treatment. PhD. degree in Biophysics at UPJS and P. and M. Curie University Paris 6, France (2010 – double diploma program). Post-doc at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland (2011-13). Dr. Huntosova has published 29 peer-reviewed articles, cited >180 times, H-index 8. She was a principal investigator of 1 international project (Sciex-NMSch, Switzerland), principal investigator of 2 national projects, co-investigator of international projects (1 PICS, CNRS France, 1 Swiss National Science Foundation) and national projects (1 APVV, 1 VEGA). Awards: 2x the best oral or poster presentation at international congresses (1 CSEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland (2011), 1 International Union of Photobiology, Cordoba, Argentina (2014)), an honorable mention of the president of Faculty of Science of UPJS in Kosice (2006), Slovak literary found award for excellent student scientific work (2006). Supervisor and cosupervisor of 2 PhD. students.

Assoc. Prof. Daniel Jancura, PhD., associate professor at CIB TIP-UPJS and head of the Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Science at UPJS, the former President of the Slovak Biophysical Society. Specialist in molecular biophysics, bioenergetics and drug delivery systems. PhD. degree in Biophysics since 1999, habilitation in Biophysics in 2009. He published 54 peer-reviewed articles, cited >570, H-index 17. He participated in several international and national projects, namely in 2 European (FP7), 2 NIH and 7 Slovak grant agency projects. He was invited to several positions at internationally recognized institutions: Department of Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, Rice University, Houston (USA), Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Madrid (Spain). Supervisor of 4 (one in double diploma program) and co-supervisor of 5 PhD. students.

Assoc. Prof. Gregor Bánó, PhD., research scientist at CIB TIP UPJS, specialist in optoelectronics and biophotonics with emphasis on the construction of laser spectroscopy experimental apparatus and its application in biophysical studies (e.g. physic-chemical properties of drugs in various environment). PhD. degree from the University of Szeged (Hungary) in 2003. He spent several years as a research fellow in Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics in Budapest, University of Colorado in Boulder (USA) and JILA, Boulder, Colorado (USA). He has published 35 publications that have been cited in SCI journals >250 times, H-index 11. He was a principal investigator of 2 international bilateral projects and 2 national projects. Supervisor of 1 and co-supervisor of 2 PhD. students.


Slávka Šimková, PhD., coordinator of the programs HORIZON 2020 at UPJS, manager and lecturer of SAP Academy (long-term educational project in SAP technologies) at UPJS; Lifelong Learning Centre and Project Support. She is participating in the national project IT Academy. She also participated in the realization of ESF project RIFIV as a coordinator of all WPs of the Faculty of Arts and as a financial manager assistant. Management and monitoring of the ESF projects and preparation of project proposal under the ESF’s operational programme – Competitiveness and Economic Growth and complex preparation of tenders into public procurements at GEODETICCA Ltd. PhD. degree in Theory and Design of Engineering Structures at Technical University of Kosice (2006), head of the Department of Concrete and Masonry Structures (2007-2008), published 23 articles, participation in the national and international scientific research projects, the WP leader of Slovak Grant Agency scientific research projects (2), leader of one of the research tasks of EU project (PECO), evaluator of the scientific research projects in the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, (2009-2013). CasProt project manager and WP6 and WP7 leader: October 2020 – September 2021.

Ing. Silvia Medová – head of the Project Management Office (PMO) at UPJS and member of Lifelong learning center and projects support. Preparation and management of the projects financed from EU and national funds and other public resources.
The most important projects in which Ing. Medova participated are:
Projects of 7 FP and H2020:
➢ financial management of the project CELIM, GA 316310, call FP7-REGPOT-2012- 013-1 (Capacities Work Programme: Research Potential) (2013-2016),
➢ financial management of the project ALT, GA 691229, call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 (Research and Innovation Staff Exchange) (2016-presence),
➢ financial management of the project UrbanHist, GA 721933, call H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016 (Innovative Training Networks) (2016-presence), Projects of the Structural funds and Investment funds of EU:
➢ preparation and management of the projects for construction of the „Scientific park “Medipark “and „Technicom “and research centre „Promatech “(2012-2017);
➢ participation in the management of other 22 projects from the EU structural funds.

Ing. Ivan Pezlarproject manager at the Project Management Office (PMO) at UPJS and a member of Lifelong learning center and project support. Since 1993 worked on the preparation and management of more than 100 projects financed from EU and national funds and other public resources. His European project management career is since 1993 and participated in the preparation of European (pre-accession) [Phare, Sapard, ISPA] as well as R&D [R&D] projects in framework programs (FP 6,7) and finally H2020 as well. Since 2018, as an employee of UPJS, he has been directly involved in the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of several projects’ sustainability.

Mgr. Viktória Bančanská – Project Manager of CasProt project under EU programme HORIZON 2020 and Business Specialist at Technology and Innovation Park UPJŠ. She has cooperated on preparation of R&D release methodology with the World Bank, supports the business development of the university and private sector, and contributes to the establishment of Cassovia New Industry Cluster (CNIC). Formerly, she managed international projects in IT industry. CasProt project manager and WP6 and WP7 leader: October 2021 – April 2022.

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