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Founded Companies and Technology Transfer

1minút, 16sekúnd

TIP-UPJŠ’s role in technology transfer is to create a system to support the transfer of new technologies into applications. These are, above all, complex technologies based on a long-term basic research.

The whole process begins with the evaluation of the introduced technology/innovation by Transfer and Innovation Council. In the case of a positive opinion of the Council, TIP-UPJŠ provides the opportunity for the authors of the idea to work free of charge in the space and laboratories of TIP-UPJŠ. At this stage (start-up incubator), it is not even necessary to set up a start-up company. After one year of work by the innovation group, the Transfer and Innovation Council will evaluate the transfer potential of the new technology/innovation and in the case of a positive assessment; it will promote the authors of ideas into the start-up accelerator, while simultaneously participating in the first (angel) investment up to 20,000 euros. At this stage, it is necessary to set up a start-up company under precisely defined conditions (TIP-UPJŠ will provide synergy in setting up and structuring the company, market research, business strategy, dealing with possible investors, etc.).

The goal of the whole process is to create successful spin-off companies that bring production with high added value and employment to the Eastern Slovakia/Slovakia region.

Companies in the stage start-up incubator
SAFTRA Imagine, s.r.o.
SAFTRA 3D maping, s.r.o
SAFTRA-BioMAI, s.r.o.
Companies in the stage start-up accelerator
Companies in the stage spin-off
SAFTRA photonics, s.r.o.
RVmagnetics, a.s.
DEG bioresearch, s.r.o.

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