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Learn how to learn

Have you ever learned to learn? If your answer is NO, this webinar is for you. You will learn something about yourself and your preferred learning style. You will find out what is effective in learning and what is not. And last but not least, you’ll get a lot of practical tips on how to … Continued
September 19, 2023

Meet your inner critic

Do you remember the last time you were critical to yourself by asking: “How could I have done such a thing?” or you said to yourself: “Everyone else is doing much better, only I fail at every step”. “I’m a weird person”. Maybe it was this week, maybe yesterday, and maybe right before you clicked … Continued
February 8, 2023

Our first bilingual episode of the podcast UNIPOkeC

Our first bilingual episode of the podcast UNIPOkeC! The BUDDY program works at UPJŠ in Košice for the second semester, but who are the students whose task is to make you feel good at the university and have easier access to information and services of the university? Listen to this episode and get to know … Continued

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