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Electronic Application

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Applicants for studies at UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Administration, Faculty of Arts, and Institute of Physical Education and Sport in the academic year, may submit their application on-line –

Please read the Instructions available in the Manual before entering the system and registering your application.

When applying electronically the fee for admission procedure is 30€  (procedure without the admission exam), 40€ (procedure with the admission exam).

The electronic application may be signed by an electronic signature, or printed out, signed and mailed to the Student Administration Office of the respective faculty.

To create an e-signature you have to obtain a qualified certificate issued by any accredited certification authority registered at the National Security Office of the Slovak Republic. The list of accredited certification authorities which provide services to citizens is available at:

To obtain the qualified certificate you may visit the accredited certification authorities branches (it is strongly recommended to make an appointment in advance):

  • RA Disig, Záhradnícka 151, Bratislava – 02/ 208 50 142; 02/208 50 144; e-mail:
  • RA EAN Slovakia, s.r.o., Nanterská 23, 010 08 Žilina – 041/5079219;
  • RA UPJŠ, Správa AIO, CIaKT UPJŠ, Šrobárová 2, 041 80 Košice,
    055 234 1512, 055 234 1514, 

More about how to obtain qualified certificate free

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