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Mgr. Zuzana Kožárová

0minút, 41sekúnd

She currently works as a counsellor at the University Counselling Center. She has experience in HR and education. She has been lecturing in companies and at several high schools and universities. In her work, she has decided to focus on young people and is currently working on issues such as career guidance, self-management, lifelong learning and personal development. She teaches at the University a Nauč sa učiť! Workshop, or a Program PODNIKNI NIEČO! focused on developing student entrepreneurship and career management skills. She also provides individual career counselling based on storytelling principles.

She likes to educate herself and others and follows the motto “Do what you enjoy”. She aims to help students move in the right direction and choose a meaningful career path in which they can use their talents, develop their skills and grow.

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