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Ing. Eva Matušovičová

1minút, 21sekúnd

She graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Košice, Department of Automation of Production Process Control Systems in Mechanical Engineering. She started at the University Library of UPJŠ as a professional information worker, a researcher at the bibliographic-information workplace. She is currently head of the Department of Library and Information Services at UPJŠ in Košice. Since the foundation of the University Counselling Centre, she has been in charge of library and lending services. It is logical, who should know more about library services if not a leader. From the point of view of further education she attended various professional seminars, courses related to communication, lecturer skills, coping with stress, obtained a certificate for lecturing after graduating from an accredited educational program. She is a member of the National Commission for Services, regularly meets with colleagues from other libraries and welcomes the opportunity for personal development through Erasmus mobilities. She considers her work interesting and diverse, and she likes to get to know the library environment and its student services, but of course not just them.

For many years she has been involved in diploma workshops for end-of-year students, in training for information sources for younger students, in organizing professional events for academics and for colleagues-librarians.

And as far as privacy is concerned, she loves nature, hiking, music, theatre, books … She is actively involved in kynologic sport agility, even as a competitor.

What to say in the end?

“I consider information to be a great asset. We are not responsible for what comes to us but we are responsible for what is coming from us. ”

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