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Research Areas

2minút, 35sekúnd

Through our education and research, we strive to address some of the world’s greatest challenges such as green energy, nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, climate change, cybersecurity, or cancer. This has resulted in new treatments for patients, new designs of electric batteries and intelligent materials, Earth observation in high-resolution and greater levels of data and food protection.

The research in Biology and Ecology focuses on biodiversity of plants and animals, biotechnology of medicinal plants, prevention, and cancer therapy, and plant genetics; in Geography on geospatial modelling of solar energy in urban space, soil erosion, demogeography, population migration and application of remote sensing from satellites and drones; in Chemistry on synthesis and properties of new compounds as biologically active species and new materials with biological activity, hydrogen storage, development of batteries; in Informatics on fuzzy techniques, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; in Mathematics on graph theory, algebraic structures, differential equations, topology and big data analysis; in Physics on development of new magnetic materials, theoretical and experimental research of low-dimensional magnetism and quantum liquids at ultra-low temperatures, nuclear collision studies, photo-dynamic effect, astrophysics, and biophysics; in Science Education on active learning methods, inquiry skills development and formative assessment.

The research focus of particular Faculty institues
  • natural medicinal sources with anti-viral and anti-cancer activity,
  • mutagen and carcinogenic effects of environmental factors,
  • carcinogenesis and experimental prevention and treatment of tumours,
  • plants, animals, soil and water environments in relation to abiotic factors.
  • modern technologies for miniaturization and automation of analytical measurements
  • new separation methods and techniques for the analysis of drugs and biologically active substances,
  • structure and stability of nucleic acids and proteins,
  • catalytic and analytical properties of nanomaterials, composite materials and hybrid materials,
  • degradable biomaterials,
  • stereoselective synthesis of sphingolipid-like compounds and iminosugars with anti-cancer profile and glycosidase inhibitory activity,
  • design and synthesis of novel anti–Alzheimer’s therapeutics and cancerostatics,
  • inquiry-based chemistry education,
  • formative assessment i chemistry teaching,
  • computer-based experiment.
  • Geospatial modelling in open-source GIS such as solar irradiation, surface temperature, soil erosion, overland flow,
  • UAV mapping with laser scanning, multispectral, hyperspectral, and thermal imaging,
  • Cave laser scanning,
  • Paleogeography, provenance of minerals, geomorphology,
  • Renewable sources of energy,
  • Human population dynamics and migration,
  • 3D geospatial visualization and data interaction.
  • Ultra-relativistic proton-proton and heavy ion collisions and spin effects in few-nucleon systems at medium energies
  • Statistical physics and condensed matter theory of complex systems
  • Structural and magnetic properties of quantum magnets and advanced materials
  • Inquiry based physics education formative assesment
  • Astronomy and astrophysics of interactive variable stars
  • Physical mechanisms of activities, development of drugs and drug delivery techniques for targeted therapy
  • Development and use of biomedical multimodal imaging techniques (coherent X-ray included)  with computational modeling suport     
  • structural and chromatic properties of plane graphs
  • discrete optimization in economy applications
  • growth curve models and multivariate statistics
  • generalized measures and integrals
  • knowledge analysis,
  • neural computation,
  • theoretical computer science,
  • cryptography,
  • information system security,
  • combinatorial algorithms,
  • computer science education,
  • computational neuroscience and cognitive science,
  • human-computer interaction.

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