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FOCUSED on the 2018 Nobel prizes

The Nobel prize, the most prestigious scientific award is being given away every year for a significant or ground-breaking research, technical invention or for a contribution for the humankind in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, literature or in fight for peace.

Open Door Day - 7th February 2019

Open Door Day starts at 8:30 am with meeting successful faculty graduates, their interesting contributions and discussion about their experience at the Faculty and their successful implementation in practice.

The human tear “connected” science with art

The aim of the pilot scientific-artistic project is to expound the results of the researchers' work of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Košice to the general public by means of images, which refer to an interesting diagnostical potential of the original view of the human tear fluid in case of various illnesses.