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E-learning My Career

1minút, 16sekúnd

E-learning My Career is an e-learning course created by the University Counselling Centre of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. It was created to improve student / graduate labour market access, increase the availability and attractiveness of career guidance, and provide information on career development activities offered by the University and the University Counselling Centre.

E-learning My Career helps students to understand the functioning of the labour market, to realize their own competencies and to name them in relation to the employability. It does also enable them to create a career plan in an interactive way as the basis for their future work success. It consists of videos, texts, exercises or quizzes within 10 modules:

Step 1: Get to know yourself
Step 2: Alternative Life
Step 3: Personality qualities
Step 4: Values
Step 5: Competencies
Step 6: Working environment
Step 7: How do others see you?
Step 8: Experience
Step 9: Planning
Step 10: Map of contacts
Conclusion: Information about UNIPOC and possibilities of an individual career counselling, useful websites.

The output for a student after completing the online course is a workbook in electronic or printed version.

The first feedbacks are very positive. Students had appreciated the most an opportunity for self-reflection: “The course forced me to think about myself, my skills, priorities, goals, what do I want and what I don´t want to do in the future. By writing both my questions and my answers into a workbook, I can come back to them after some time and evaluate what I´ve planned and what I´ve managed to achieve.”

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