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Discussing the opportunities in space economics

0minút, 51sekúnd

The Eastern Slovak Space Cluster, which was established on 18 September as an association of the Institute of Space Research and Technology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, TUKE, SARIO and UPJŠ, offers opportunities to create more effective consortia for commercial and research activities in the development of technologies, methodologies and materials for applications in space or for space technologies on Earth.

On 8 November 2023, Denis Sedlák from the Slovak Space Office at SARIO will visit the Faculty of Science of UPJŠ in Košice. His lecture is scheduled 16:00 within the Data Analytics Meetings (Jesenná 5, 1st floor, VKM). Before the lecture, from 14:00 – 15:00, a discussion with Mr Sedlák will be held in the seminar room SJ2S45 (2nd floor, Jesenná 5), which is intended for all academic employees, students, and PhD students who intend to start a space bussiness or research in space science, technology, and materials development with European Space Agency (ESA).

Should you decide to attend the discussion at 14:00 , please, send an email

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