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Professor Eva Čellárová awarded the Prize of the Mayor of Košice

2minút, 39sekúnd

An essential part of the celebrations of Košice City Day is the award ceremony for personalities and collectives for their significant achievements in the field of science, research, health, art, charity, education, culture, sport and technology. This year’s award ceremony was special and all the more significant because it was the 30th anniversary year of the ceremony.

On 7 May 2024, 25 individuals and 7 teams were awarded prizes – Košice City Prize, Košice Mayor’s Prize or Mayor’s Plaque.

Although the award winners come from different spheres, they have a lot in common. They build a positive image of our city and represent it in an exemplary manner not only at home but also abroad. They enrich the life of Košice, contribute to the development of the city and its community, preserve and spread our cultural heritage, and create moral values for future generations,” said Mayor of Kosice Mr. Polaček. Among the recipients of the Award of the Mayor of Košice was also Professor Eva Čellárová, one of the outstanding personalities of the Faculty of Science, P. J. Šafárik  University in Košice.

Professor Čellárová is an expert in the field of plant biotechnology and genetics with a focus on natural sources of secondary metabolites of plant origin with anticancer effects studied at the genomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic levels.

She made a particularly important contribution to the development of education in the field of genetics and molecular biology, at the turn of the millennium, for several generations of university students at the Faculty of Science, P. J. Šafárik University in Košice. These achievements have been supported by her internationally renowned scientific school.

In more than 40 years of her tenure at Faculty she has been and still is involved in the education of hundreds of students and PhD students who have been very successful in many domestic and international workplaces.

Her team is part of a transcontinental biomedical research consortium on secondary metabolites produced by some members of the genus Hypericum Hypexplor and is well established in the biotechnology and cryobiology international community, where she represents the University at an international level.

Professor Čellárová has published more than 80 scientific papers, which have been cited more than 1200 times, and is a member of many expert committees with both Slovak and international scope. During her tenure at the Faculty she has participated in dozens of scientific research projects.

As a former Vice-Dean, she was a significant contributor to the fact that the Faculty of Science, P. J.  Šafárik Univerity in Košice, as one of the first in Slovakia, signed up to the Bologna Declaration and implemented a credit system of study with the support of the academic information system. In managerial positions, within the university, she participated in the involvement of UPJŠ in the activities implemented by the European Association of Universities, in the preparation of the international evaluation of the university, in the modernization of doctoral studies and in the implementation of the elements of the quality culture, as the germ of the Internal Quality Assurance and Verification System at UPJŠ.

Congratulations to the Professor Čellárová on the award!


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