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Doctoral Study

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Doctoral study’s (PhD.) ambition  is to provide a stream of specialized and highly trained researchers able to undertake basic as well as applied research and development. The study is carried out in the following study programs:

Animal Physiology
Plant Physiology

Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Condensed Matter Physics
General Physics and Mathematical Physics
Nuclear and Sub-nuclear Physics
Theory of Teaching of Physics

Applied Mathematics Discrete Mathematics
Theory of Teaching of Mathematics


Internal form of the study takes generally 4 years (except for Theory of Teaching of Mathematics where study takes only 3 years) and external form 5 years.  For obtaining the degree of “Philosophiae doctor – PhD.” passing some special exams and submission of a doctoral thesis is necessary.
Doctoral students are supervised  by individuals with high national and international reputations in their research field and receive an excellent research training as a result. Doctoral students participate in research activities as well as in teaching.

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