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Master study

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Faculty of Science offers the following Magister’s study programmes (fully equivalent to Master’s study):

Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics
Botany and Plant Physiology
Zoology and Animal Physiology

General Ecology and Ecology of Individuals and Population

Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
with specialisation in Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry with specialisation in Bioinorganic Chemistry

Chemistry with specialisation in Bioorganic Chemistry

Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
Physics of Condensed Matter

Physics with specialisation in Astronomy and Astrophysics
Physics with specialisation in  Computer Physics 
Physics with specialisation in  General Physics and Mathematical Physics


Economical and Financial Mathematics
Mathematical Informatics
Mathematical Managemen


The study takes two years. It is finished with a state final exam and submission of a thesis. Graduates obtain the degree of “Magister”, which is fully  equivalent to the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). The Magister study programs start usually in the middle of September.

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