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National Scholarship Program

1minút, 23sekúnd  

Here you will find the terms and conditions:  

Once you receive confirmation, please read:  

After your arrival, and in order for you to start receiving your Scholarship you will need to: 

1. Fill out the confirmation sheet, which you should have received, have it signed by the respective people ASAP, 

2. Create a bank account in the Slovak Republic, and fill out the below form (in case you don’t already have it):   

3. Send both documents to the address of SAIA immediately once you have both ready!! 

For making a bank account in the SR, you will need a valid passport, a pen, yourself. You are free to choose from whichever bank you want, usually there is no charge for opening the account. 

Best thing to do, is to ask your future colleagues for advice. 

Know this, the first instalment of the Scholarship is sent only once SAIA receives confirmation, that you have arrived, and that you have a bank account. Consider this, on the first day you make a bank account, on the second day SAIA receives it, on the same day they send the money, on the third day you receive it. This means, under ideal conditions, that you can have your scholarship only after 3 days in the SR, at the earliest. Account for it, financially. 

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