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Mail Addres: Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika
Prírodovedecká fakulta 
Šrobárova 2 
SK – 041 54 Košice
Slovak Republic
E-mail address:
Telephone: +421-55-2342181


The Faculty of Science of the P. J. Šafárik University in Košice was founded in 1963 and during its existence it educated more than 4 500 graduates of both, joint and single degree study in all branches of sciences. The Faculty provides the Bachelor´s, Magister´s (Master´s) and Doctoral degree studies.

The higher education at the Faculty of Science is provided on a research background closely interacting with domestic and foreign scientific and educational institutions. Up to 60 % of its scientific outputs are made within this co-operation. The research in the field of:

Biology and Ecology is oriented on study of biodiversity of plants and animals, biotechnology of medicinal plants, cancerogenesis, prevention and cancer therapy;

– in Geography on relief evolution and landscape development of the Slovak Karst and Košice region;

– in Chemistry on synthesis and properties of new compounds as biologically active species and new materials;

– in Informatics on fuzzy techniques, neural networks and logical programming;

– in Mathematics on graph theory, algebraic structures, differential equations and topology;

– in Physics on development of new magnetic materials, theoretical and experimental research of low-dimensional magnetism and quantum liquids at ultra-low temperatures, nuclear collision studies and photo-dynamic effect.

The graduates of the Faculty find employment not only as researchers and secondary schools teachers but also adapt in the business sphere and public administration.

Bachelor’s study

The Faculty offers the following one-subject Bachelor’s studies:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Informatics
  • Mathematics

The Bachelor´s degree study for teacher-training is organised in the form of inter-branch study of two academic subjects; the Bachelor degree student continues in his study on the Magister degree.           

The Bachelor study takes three years. After the successfully completed bachelor exam the student obtains the degree of “Bachelor” (Bc.).

Magister’s study

Magister’s study (equivalent to Master’s study) is provided in the following one-subject branches :

Biology with study programmes in

                           Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics
                           Botany and Plant Physiology
                           Zoology and Animal Physiology

Chemistry with study programmes in 

                           Inorganic Chemistry
                           Organic Chemistry
with specialisations in    

Physical and Analytical Chemistry
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Biorganic Chemistry

Ecology with study programme in

                           General Ecology and Ecology of Individuals and Populations

Informatics with study programme in 


Mathematics with study programmes in

                           Economical and Financial Mathematics
                           Mathematical Informatics
                           Mathematical Management

Physics with study programmes in

                           Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
                           Physics of Condensed Matter
with specialisations in        

 Astronomy and Astrophysics
 Physical Engineering of Materials
 Computer Physics 
 General Physics and Mathematical Physics

The study takes two years. It is finished with a state final exam and submission of a thesis. Graduates obtain the degree of “Magister”, which is equivalent to the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.)”. The Bachelor and Magister study programs start usually in the middle of September. The academic year 2005/2006 starts on 19th September. 

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