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The conditions for the entry of a foreigner in the territory of the Slovak Republic are stipulated by the Law of the National Council of the Slovak Republic on the Stay of Foreigners in the Slovak Republic Any visa that was granted to a foreigner by the Embassy of Consular Office of the Slovak Republic abroad may be cancelled by the police before the actual entry in the territory of the Slovak Republic in the following cases:

  • the foreigner committed an act which by the laws of the Slovak Republic constitutes a criminal offence, irrespectively of whether it was committed abroad or in the Slovak Republic
  • the foreigner did not fulfil the basic conditions for the entry in the Slovak Republic (bold script in this text) ´
  • the foreigner breached the regulations on the transport of stimulant and narcotic substances
  • it is inevitable for the state’s security, maintaining of public order, health protection or protection of other persons’ rights and freedoms or in the interest of protection of nature
  • Conditions for a stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic

A short-term stay for the purposes of tourism is authorised by the granting of the Slovak Visa or by a valid agreement of the Slovak Republic with a foreign country. The visa and/or the bilateral agreements also define the maximum length of authorised stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic for the citizens of individual countries of the world. The permitted period of stay may be extended provided it was applied for not less than seven working days before the expiry of the current permit (visa) by the appropriate border police according to the place of the foreigner’s temporary residence in the Slovak Republic. The maximum length of a short-term stay in the Slovak Republic must not exceed the total period of 180 days. The visa may be applied for at any embassy or consular office of the Slovak Republic abroad. The foreigner who is required to obtain a visa prior to his arrival in the Slovak Republic is obliged by the law to personally register with the local bureau of police according to his/her place of temporary residence in the Slovak Republic within three days from his the entry in the territory of the Slovak Republic irrespectively of the length of his/her stay in the Slovak Republic. This rule applies also to the foreigners from countries which have bilateral agreements with the Slovak Republic abolishing the visa requirements if their stay in the Slovak Republic will exceed thirty days. Personal registration is not required if the foreigner stays at an accommodation facility (hotels, motels, etc.) where the registration is carried over by its staff directly.

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