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Laboratory of Analytical Cytometry

2minút, 9sekúnd

Laboratory of Analytical Cytometry of the Faculty of Sciences P.J. Safarik University in Kosice, under the leadership of prof. RNDr. Peter Fedoročko, CSc. is equipped with a confocal microscope TCS SP5 X which complemented the already existing infrastructure of this laboratory consisting of an inverted DMI 6000 B fluorescence microscope equipped with a micromanipulator and a livecell chamber for long-term assays. Both microscopic systems were supplied by Leica Microsystems.
Top microscopic technique with a total value of more than 658 thousand € was purchased from the APVV project VVCE-0001-07 – “Signal Research Center” and SF project “SEPO I – Network of Excellent Centers for Oncology” (ITMS 26220120024).

Leica TCS SP5 X Confocal Microscope is a device designed for three dimensional microscopic analysis and monitoring of dynamic changes over time in cells and tissues
with the possibility of fluorescence spectral analysis. It also allows colocalization studies at the subcellular level. Since detection is based on the principle of fluorescence, the analysis is limited to autofluorescence or fluorescently labeled structures. Standard applications include subcellular localization of various proteins, structural changes of cell organelles, changes in cell physiological parameters such as pH, mitochondrial potential, Ca2 + level etc. Moreover, more sophisticated analysis of the mutual co-localization of structures can be performed using the FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) method.

An intuitive and simple software interface and a fully automated system for easy workout and operation. Thus these systems may be used in the teaching of students and their introduction to the world of molecular cytology.

At the end of 2010, this laboratory was equipped with another top device – the CyFlow ML flow cytometer and the BD FACSAria flow cytometer – from the project “Building Infrastructure of the Center of Excellence SEPO-II” (ITMS 26220120039) including the renewal of another laboratory technique in the total value of nearly 750 000 €.

The BD FACSAria flow cytometer is a device that allows multiparametric analysis of the fluorescence of various particles (usually cells) prepared in suspension and their subsequent division into separate populations based on any combination of parameters analyzed. BD FACSAria allows a hi-speed analysis and sorting up to 70,000 particles per second. In this way, it is possible to analyze and isolate even rarely occurring elements, such as stem cells, tumor and non-tumor cells.

The Analytical Cytometry Laboratory is located both in the former storage area of the Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences in the RBL pavilion and in the reconstructed laboratory  on the the Mánesova 23 street. The reconstruction was financed from the projects mentioned above, with a total value of more than 97 000 €.

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