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European Framework Programmes

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Horizon 2020

Name: ALT – Adaptation, learning and training for spatial hearing in complex environments
Id: 691229
Research area: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)
Duration: 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2018
Funding: 351 000,- EUR

7th Framework Programme

Name: CELIM – Fostering Excellence in Multiscale Cell Imaging
Id: 316310
Research area: Coordination and support actions: major theme HEALTH, with the following biomedical subspecialties: 1.1.2. Detection, diagnosis and monitoring; 1.1.4. Innovative therapeutic
Duration: 1.6.2013 – 31.5.2016
Funding: 2 700 000,- EUR
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Name: Learn 2 Hear & See— Perceptual, Contextual, and Cross-modal Learning in Hearing and Vision
Id: 247543
Research area: FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES: Marie Curie Action “International Research Staff Exchange Scheme”
Duration: 1.5.2010 – 30.4.2013
Funding: 54 000,- EUR
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Name: SAILS—Strategies for Assessment of Inquiry Learning in Science
Id: SIS-CT-2011-289085
Research area: SiS.2011.2.2.1-1: Supporting and coordinating actions on innovative methods in science education: teacher training on inquiry based teaching methods on a large scale in Europe
Duration: 1.1.2012 – 31.12.2015
Funding: 248 055,- EUR
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Name: ESTABLISH – European Science and Technology in Action Building Links with Industry, Schools and Home
Id: SIS-CT-2010-244749    
Research area: SiS-2009- Supporting and coordinating actions on innovation in the classroom: Dissemination and use of inquiry-based teaching methods on a large scale in Europe
Duration: 1.1.2010- 31.12.2013
Funding: 214 536,- EUR
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Name: EMI European Middleware Initiative
Id: 261611    
Research area: INFRA-2010-1.2.1 Distributed computing infrastructure (DCI)
Duration: 1.5.2010-30.4.2013
Funding: 168 929,- EUR
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Name: Monitoring of cell signaling pathways via interaction of fluorescently tagged proteins (MontInterFluoProt)
Id: PIRG06-GA-2009-256580
Research area: FP7-PEOPLE-2009-RG Marie Curie Action: “Reintegration Grants”    
Duration: 1.6.2010- 31.5.2013
Funding: 75 000,- EUR
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6th Framework Programme

Name: Advanced separation and storage of carbon dioxide : Design, Synthesis and Applications of Novel Nanoporous Sorbents
Id: SES6 – DeSANNS – 020133    
Research area: SUSTDEV-1.2.7 Capture and sequestration of CO2
Duration: 1.1.2006-31.12.2008
Funding: 135 776,- EUR
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Name: Grid-enabled Know-how Sharing Technology Based on ARC Services and Open Standards
Id: Know ARC – 032691    
Research area: IST-2005-2.5.4 Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems and Services
Duration: 1.6.2006-31.8.2009
Funding: 162 153,- EUR
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