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Doctoral theses defended in 2007

1minút, 27sekúnd

1. Alexander Vlček – Condensed Matter Physics and Acoustic
„Study of magnetic properties of unconventional magnetic materials at low temperatures“

2. Slávka Kaščáková – Biophysics
„The study of the interaction between hypericin and low-density lipoproteins (LDL): The effect of the LDL receptors on the accumulation of the complex hypericin/LDL in glioma cells U-87 MG“

3. Danica Sabolová – Biochemistry
„DNA- polycyclic low molecular interactions“

4. Denisa Olekšáková – Condensed Matter Physics and Acoustic
„Structure and magnetic properties of FeNi based powdered ferromagnets“

5. Marek Stupák – Biochemistry
„Applying of viscosimetry at conformational transition of proteins study“

6. Martina Urbanová – Genetics
„Cryopreservation of Hypericum perforatum L. explants and its genetic and physiological consequences“

7. Mariana Kolesárová – Genetics
„Molecular-genetic detection and characterization of selected viruses infecting domestic animals“

8. Ingrid Semanišinová – Theory of Teaching of Mathematics
„Applications of discrete mathematics in teaching“

9. Zdenko Takáč – Theory of Teaching of Mathematics
„Analysis of a mathematical proof“

10. František Kardoš – Discrete Mathematics
„Symmetry of fulleroids“

11. Jozef Haleš – Discrete Mathematics
„Properties of topological spaces related to the convergence of real functions“

12. Mária Konkoľová – Theory of Teaching of Physics
„Computer – supported laboratory as a tool for improving quality of teaching in Physics“

13. Jana Füzerová – Theory of Teaching of Physics
„Unconventional experiments in teaching Physics at high schools“

14. Vladimír Grejták – Theory of Teaching of Physics
„Teaching of modern physics at high schools using information-communication technologies“

15. Ján Kleban – Genetics
„Efficiency modulation of hypericin  mediated photodynamic therapy with arachidonic acid metabolism inhibitors in experimental tumour model“

16. Ján Košuth – Genetics
„Study of hyp-1 gene expression in Hypericum perforatum L. and quantification of Agrobacterium rhizogenes T-DNA integrations in transgenic plants of H. perforatum“

17. Soňa Bálentová – Genetics
„Cytogenetic effects of ionizing radiation on the brain of adult rats and their offsprings“

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