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How was DataDay 3? 

1minút, 47sekúnd

On March 18, 2023, the third DataDay was held at the Faculty of Science UPJŠ. DataDay is an event for data enthusiasts, who want to expand their knowledge and gain new experiences in a field of data analytics. 

On this day, our faculty was visited by a large number of high school students from various cities in eastern and central Slovakia. In addition to high school students, the event was also attended by high school teachers and university students. 

The DataDay started with an introductory lecture by keyspeaker Stanislav Hrivňak, a graduate of PF UPJŠ.  As someone who has many years of experience with data and artificial intelligence, he shared with the participants his know-how on how to look for opportunities for employment in today’s world. During this lecture, participants could also have a closer look on specific parts of the issue that he deals with in his working career. Thanks to this experience,  participants could get a better insight into the world of data and artificial intelligence. 

After the lecture, the event was far from over, quite the opposite. The main part of the program consisted of workshops presented by the employees of the Institute of Mathematics and the Institute of Informatics. This year we learned also something new about data processing in physics thanks to the workshop led by the Institute of Physical Sciences for the first time.

In total, participants could take part in 5 workshops: 

  • In the footsteps of dinosaurs with a Greek bandit 
  • Neural networks interactively 
  • Digital forensic analysis from the perspective of data analysts 
  • Data analysis at the Large Hadron Collider 
  • Understanding the role of empirical probability in data science 

Participants could put together teams to compete in a quiz, fly with a drone and win interesting prizes.

On behalf of the organizing team of DataDay 3, Data Analytics Meetings, we would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm and for their time. We hope to see you again soon, so don’t forget to follow our website for upcoming events. 

The event was supported by: IT Valley Košice 

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