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Gustav Radbruch Institute of Theory of Law

The Institute focuses in teaching a research activities on these courses:
general theory of state ( with a focus on Rule of Law and a theory of democracy)
theory of law ( a relation between law and justice and issues of an invalid and an unjust law) 
fundamental rights and freedoms, legal principles (human dignity)
interpretation of law and a theory of legal argumentation
sources of law ( constitution - constitutional statutes, national law – european law)
legal ethics
rhetorics for lawyers
comparative law and main legal systems
decision-making of constitutional courts
Jurisprudence ( in English )
Philosophy of Law in 19th and 20th century
legal terminology (reading and analyzing)
basics of a methodology and methodics of legal research ( for PhD. candidates)
translations of original books of influential legal philosophers ( in cooperation with Publishing house Kalligram in Bratislava).
Research activities of the members of the Institute is also focused on mentioned topics. Past projects were dedicated to interaction of legal cultures, issues of Rule of Law, constitution and constitutional statutes.
Members of the Institute
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