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Certified Interdisciplinary Courses

1minút, 9sekúnd

UPJŠ in Košice has a unique offer of 13 certified interdisciplinary courses (CIK) for students of all their faculties, which was extended in AR 2017/2018 by the offer of a new subject: Skills for success – from university to practice. CIK contribute to the improvement of three-level education involving bachelor, master and doctoral degree at UPJŠ, close linking of the content with the needs of the economy and the labor market. They help to make future graduates more ready for practical application in the area of ​​competence skills, especially as regards the development of their linguistic, communication and managerial skills and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Overview of the CIK:
  • IK1 Ethics in Biomedical Sciences for Health Practice
  • IK2 Legal minimum – private aspects
  • IK3 Legal minimum – public law aspects
  • IK4 Project Management
  • IK5 Managerial Economics
  • IK6 Solving Conflict and Crisis Situations in School Practice
  • IK7 Practice Statistics
  • IK8 Environmental aspects of environmental burdens
  • IK9 International TOEFL Certificate
  • IK10 International Certificate ECo-C
  • IK11 International ECDL Certificate
  • IK12 Use, administration and development in SAP
  • IK13 Psychological, social and cultural aspects of health
  • SFS Skills for Success – From University to Practice

Many of the CIK graduates have also received one of the internationally accredited certificates that are part of CIK, such as: TOEFL iBT, ECo-C, ECDL, or a certificate for working with SAP technology – CRATIFICATE SAP Academy. The selected CIKs are also offered in English.


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