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Professor from the Institute of Biology and Ecology – co-editor of a Springer monograph

0minút, 57sekúnd

At the end of 2018, Springer published the monograph “Cave Ecology“, which had prof. Mgr. Ľubomír Kováč, CSc. from the Institute of Biology and Ecology as its co-editor. The development project, VVGS (Internal Scientific Grant System of the Faculty of Science), of professor Kováč, who is also the author of 2 out of 24 chapters, has in part supported the publication of the book.

The publication is a continuation of a very successful series of the ecological monographs from the above mentioned publisher in the “Ecological Series“ cycle. 36 authors from around the world have contributed to this publication. It focuses on cave life conditions, basic ecological processes and an exceptional variety of organisms in this type of extreme environment. Among the central topics are the evolution of the admirable diversity of organisms specially adapted to live in a cave and the protection of cave ecosystems. The book also encompasses the hot spots of cave organism biodiversity on our planet, provides basic definitions of terms, presents current knowledge and new theories relating to the ecology of caves and provides an insight into the broad possibilities of further development of this scientific discipline.


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