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Thanks to the FIRST LEGO League 2018/2019 children from Kosice “traveled” into space

2minút, 37sekúnd

In the first school week, the fourth of the seven regional tournaments of the largest international robotic competition for children and youth from 9 to 16 years took place. After Banska Bystrica, Poprad and Žilina, the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) took place on January 10, 2019 in the Kasár / Kulturpark area in Košice. The theme of the current year was INTO ORBITSM – Life and Travel in Space. This time, children in their research projects have to think about what it would be like to live on a spacecraft, an international space station, a moon, or another planet. Their job was to identify the physical or social problem that people face during the long-term exploration of the universe in our solar system and to propose a solution. In the afternoon of the tournament, the teams were introduced to Robot Design, Presentation of the Research Project and Teamwork. The afternoon took place at the Robot Game tournament tables. During these 150 seconds, the competition teams tried to solve as many missions as possible using an autonomous robot.

The 11th Anniversary is the FIRST LEGO League Semi-Finals Slovakia & Czech Republic, which will take place on February 9, 2019 in Bratislava and will meet with 13 teams from Slovakia and 5 teams from Czech Republic. Slovak regional tournaments are running until January 15, 2019. Four teams will be transferred to the FLL Central European Finals 2019, which will be held in March 2019 in Bregenz, Austria.

The following three teams were transferred to the semifinals:

1st place / TalentumSAP (Talentum Cassoviensis Alapítvány Foundation)

2nd place / GALEJE Amavet 971 (Gymnasium Alejová, Košice)

3rd place / Medzany (Primary school, Medzany)

Placement of teams within each category:


1. GALEJE Amavet 971 (Gymnasium Alejová, Košice)

2. Primaškolák (Private Elementary School, Sabinov)

3. TalentumSAP (Talentum Cassoviensis Alapítvány Foundation)

Robot design

1. TalentumSAP (Talentum Cassoviensis Alapítvány Foundation)

2. GALEY Amavet 971 (Gymnasium Alejová, Košice)

3. G4 + 2 (Dneperská Primary School, Košice)

3. M-TEAM (Primary School, Marhaň)

Research project

1. TalentumSAP (Talentum Cassoviensis Alapítvány Foundation)

2. GALEJE Amavet 971 (Gymnasium Alejová, Košice)

3. SIBIR (Sibírska Primary School, Prešov)

Jury Prize

1. Primary School (Private Elementary School, Sabinov)

Learn more about team placement

The aim of the FIRST LEGO League is to play a keen interest in science and technology in the sporting and playful way for children and young people to build a sense of teamwork with the participants and to encourage children and young people to develop creativity in complex tasks. As part of the robotic competition, missions, the use of a robot they themselves designed, built and programmed in time from task launch (usually August) to the date of the competition. In addition to the robot’s position, the competitor must also process the assigned research role. The results are presented before the jury. In this way, the competition simulates the real world: children work each year on new tasks, using limited resources, and have to meet the given deadline.

The main partners of the event are – ANASOFT APR, s.r.o., Profesia, spol. s r. o., ESET Foundation, SAP Slovakia. The partners of the event are EDUXE Slovakia, s.r.o., SWAN, ABB. The media partners are PC REVUE, Quark,


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