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Faculty of Science at the Hydrogen Workshop 2024

1minút, 2sekúnd

On 13.3.2024, a Hydrogen Workshop was held in Košice to discuss the current state of development of the Eastern Slovak hydrogen ecosystem, its direction and the progress achieved in the field of hydrogen technologies in Slovakia. The forum was attended by representatives of the state administration, local government and the professional public. Renowned experts in the field of hydrogen technology policy direction, implementation, legislation and science and research spoke at the event. Faculty of Science of P. J. Šafarik University was represented at the event by prof. Vladimír Zeleňák, from the Institute of  Chemistry, who presented the research of the department focused on adsorption storage of hydrogen.

The workshop was organized by  Slovak National Hydrogen Association  and  Centre for Hydrogen Technology Research, one of the founding members of which is also UPJŠ involved through the laboratory of prof. Vladimír Zeleňák, from Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Faculty of Science of P. J. Šafarik University. UPJŠ through the group of prof. Zeleňák’s group has been systematically involved in research and implementation of hydrogen technologies for several years. Prof. Zeleňák is one of the co-authors of the Hydrogen Strategy for the Košice Region.

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