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Information for incoming personell

1minút, 24sekúnd

WELCOME!! The Faculty of Science of the P. J. Šafárik University in Košice is looking forward to your visit. We hope that your stay shall enrich your, and our lives by new experiences (hopefully mostly positive ones) and will further our international cooperation. 

If you are here, you are planning on visiting our faculty, for the purpose of enrolling in our faculty, or you wish to visit us for a Post-Doc or other Research/Employment stay, through a grant/scholarship programme (GRANTS), you may be planning to stay for a short while (lecture, work on a project, etc.) or you have already gotten in touch with our people (for whatever reason) and are looking to start the process of your entry and stay in the Slovak Republic. 

If you wish to try a grant/scholarship (GRANTS) you should find out about courses and programmes at the faculty. Then get in touch with our people (faculty institutes), who are responsible for courses which you desire (every institute/department has its head, whom you should contact). 

After having contacted people, you go through the regular process of submitting papers, communicating with either us, or grant programme administrators. At the end of this process you should know, weather you will come or not (either by receiving a grant award letter, or are offered a contract), when, for how long and for what purpose.  

Once you know the answer to the questions of the previous sentence, you may contact the Department of External Affairs (FROM HERE ON ONLY “DEA”) to start the process of your entry and stay. 

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