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Dual Citizenship

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Even if you were not born, or reside in the EU, there is hope, that you might not require a VISA or TR.

Legally speaking, just because you are a citizen of a country, does not necessarily mean, that you can’t be a citizen of another country as well. There are many people, who carry two or more passports. You may be one of them. If, besides your home country, you are ALSO:

a citizen of an EU/EEC country, or

a citizen of a country, from which you are not required a VISA to enter the Slovak Republic,  

then, the following will greatly reduce the time, energy and money spent on getting to us:

You can enter the EU/Schengen area using your passport, which is from a country under A,B. Legally, there may be no restriction on which passport you use to enter the EU. In the A,B cases, you will not require a VISA!! In the case of A, you will also not require TR (to find out about what you have to do VIEW section EU CITIZENS). In the case of B above, however, you WILL REQUIRE TR!!!

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