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EU Citizens – More Than 90 Calendar Days

1minút, 39sekúnd

Citizens of EU/EEC/Switzerland can stay in the Slovak Republic for a period LONGER than 90 days under the following conditions

  1. If you register at the Office of Foreign Police, 
  2. If you can provide proof for the reason of stay:  
    1. In case of studying, you need to get a confirmation paper from the study department 
    2. In case of research/employment/post-doc you need to provide an original of your employment contract 
    3. In case of Grant/Scholarship/Erasmus you need to ask for a confirmation letter from DEA 
  3. If you have the means to support yourself (240EUR/month x Number of months youll be staying), proof of this: 
    1. Through a bank statement showing sufficient amounts of money, 
    2. Through showing Cash, 
    3. Through a written and Notary certified Affidavitt 

In some cases it may be advisable to ask, while registering, to be issued a Residence Card (“Pobytový preukaz občana EÚ”). This card is NOT MANDATORY by law, but may be required by some financial institutions, insurance companies and other PRIVATE subjects. IF you wish to get this card, you will also need, BESIDES the above mentioned, to provide

  1. Proof of Accomodation: 
    1. If you are living in a dormitory/ student hostel, they shall provide you with one
    2. If you are living in a rented flat, you will require a lease contract in your name (as the tenant), with the CERTIFIED signature of EVERY owner (some flats may be owned by 2 or even more people) AND a proof of ownership (“List Vlastnictva”) from the Property Registrar Office (Cadaster, in Slovak “Kataster Nehnuteľností”). The proof can be obtained at a post office, for a fee of 8 Euros. The certification of signatures, can be done at Municipality offices, for a fee of around 2 EUR/ signature
  2. 2 photos of your current look, 3×3,5 cm

The card will be issued within 30 days, and can be valid for up to 5 years (but is only up to the date, which you can prove that you will be still in Slovakia). 

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