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More Than 90 Calendar Days – TR

3minút, 6sekúnd

Office of foreign police of the Slovak Republic

Once you enter the country, may it be through a VISA, or without one, may it be from another EU country, or from anywhere else in the world, you will need to go to the foreign police, ASAP. 

The GENERAL RULE for going to the police is, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, WHEN you THINK you have EVERYTHING you are required to provide. Even if you think you have it all covered, you may be unpleasantly surprised at your first visit. There is a great many documents and information, which you must provide. Mistakes can be made, things may be forgotten. Add to it the fact, that at the BEGINNING and END of each ACCADEMIC year (Sept., June), there will be hundreds of other people waiting in line before you. The office of foreign police must process all these people, there are only 2 people working study and scholarship, and 1 person working employment, family members and 2 people working EU citizens. Add to it the fact, that the police only operate 3 days a week: Monday (8AM-3PM), Wednesday (8AM-5PM), Friday (8AM-12PM), you start to get the picture. The police are the ONLY legal entity, which decides, whether you get a TR or not, consequently, they decide whether you will be with us for the entire duration of your stay or will have to leave home early!! Therefore, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, that you do not delay your visit to this institution

WARNING, if you were required to do something, or required to inform the police in a certain time AFTER YOUR ARRIVAL or DURING YOUR STAY, AND YOU DON’T DO THIS, you ARE GOING TO receive a fine of a minimum of 165 Euros!! Depending on the transgression, you may be fined up to 1600 Euros, and even be deported from the country, at your own expense!! 

The following strategy is advised: 

Put together all the documents, you know you are required to produce.  

Check the dates of issue on ALL the documents, DON’T FORGET, NO document may be older than 90 days!! This is a big NO NO with the police! Exceptions from this rule ONLY: DIPLOMA, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, BIRTH ERTIFICATE 

If your documents are from your home, or other foreign country, CHECK if you have APPOSTILE or Superlegalisation on ALL OF THEM!!! 

If your documents are in a foreign language, CHECK if they have all been translated, if there is the official translators stamp on the documents, IF ALL THE DATES HAVE BEEN TRANSLATED CORRECTLY!!! (you may not understand the last, let me give an example from life: one of our researchers was DEPORTED, because the translator made a small error, changed a 0 to a 1 in the DATE OF ISSUE


You will find which documents you need, in the SECTION TR, below. 

Once you have all this done, go to the police. The address is: Oddelenie cudzineckej polície PZ Košice, Trieda SNP 35, Košice 040 01, GPS: N 48.71505371 E 21.235499534. Be there NO LATER than 7:30 AM (if you want to be sure), that is when they open the doors to the building. You will find a small gallery at the bottom of the page, detailing where to go, what to do. FIRST THING IS TO GET A NUMBER, from the TICKET TERMINAL on the UPPER FLOOR (view gallery for more info). After that, you need to find the correct door (view gallery for more info), and wait (if you are a religious person, praying is also an option). 

If your first visit is unsuccessful, DON’T WORRY! CONTACT the DEA and explain, CLEARLY, what the problem seems to be. 

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