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Helpdesk – contacts

0minút, 59sekúnd
Area SystemContact emailDescription
IS administration
Sofia, System of attendance, Access
IS@upjs.skSupport for modules of the economics system: HR, FI, PSM, TM, AM, MM, System of attendance, Access
AIO administration
EMStudent, CardPay
AIO@upjs.skSupport for Administration of Personal Identification Cards and Canteens system
Web administration
Web pages of UPJŠ
Support for university webpages
AIS administration
AIS – Academic Information System
Support for Academic Information System, by faculty and rectorate
Email administration
Support for university email, by faculty and rectorate
PC administration
Windows OS
Maintenance of local computers, by faculty and rectorate
Network and server administration
a serverov

servis@upjs.skSupport for the common university network and the server’s infrastructure
Publication of contractszverejnenie_upa@upjs.skMandatory publication of documents on the website
Eventsakcie-rektorat@upjs.skTechnical and operation support for event in the rectorate hall

Email prefix:

PRAVF – Faculty of Law
FF – Faculty o Arts
PF – Faculty of Science
LF – Faculty of Medicine
FVS – Faculty of Public Administration
REK – Rectorate
UK – University Library

Requests to IT admins are allowed only from university email.

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