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Elections to the Student Council of UPJŠ in Košice

1minút, 21sekúnd

Student part of the Academic Senate
of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice announces the
to the Student Council
on November 30, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
on Medická ul. 4 in the Cantine

Proposals of candidates for individual faculties of UPJŠ can be submitted to the mailbox located at the gatehouses of ŠDaJ Medická ul. 4 and 6 and Popradská street no. 66 (students accommodated in ŠDaJ on Popradská street no. 76 will deliver their proposals to the mailbox located on Popradská street no. 66) in accordance with Art. 5 of the Electoral Rules for elections to the ŠIR at UPJŠ, which is published on the UPJŠ website in the UPJŠ Academic Senate – Basic Documents section.

The candidate’s proposal includes:
a)  name and surname of the candidate,
b)  age of the candidate,
c)  year of study,
d)  form of study,
e)  the name of the faculty or other part of UPJŠ where the candidate is studying,
f)  address and room number in ŠDaJ (including ŠDaJ on Popradská street no. 76)
g)  written consent of the candidate to the processing and storage of personal data within the scope of Art. 5, par. 2, for election needs. At the same time, the candidate’s consent to the disclosure of personal data within the scope of Art. 9, par. 1 in accordance with Art. 9, par. 2 of the Electoral Code
h) name, surname and signature of the person proposing the candidate (if the candidate does not nominate himself).

Sample proposal for a representative of UPJŠ students

Proposals that meet all the requirements and will be delivered to the designated place

by November 23, 2021 by 17:00 will be accepted.

Mgr. Františka Petriková
Vice-chairwoman for SP AC UPJŠ

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