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Study Programme in English

4minút, 33sekúnd

Bachelor level study programme:

General Information:
The standard length of the full-time form of study: 6 semesters (3 years)

Study Plan

Important Deadlines:
Application Deadline: 30th April 2023
Date of Publication of the Results: 15th June 2023

Possibilities of Graduate’s Application in Practice:
The graduates are prepared to work as professionals in all branches of public administration and the public sector in the Slovak Republic, in the institutions of the European Union, as well as in  international organizations. In the course of their studies, they will acquire theoretical knowledge in the field of public administration and related disciplines – political science, sociology, law and economics, with an emphasis on the functioning of the European Union.  They master the interconnectedness and knowledge of the political science and sociology principles of public administration in a democratic state, especially in the Slovak Republic and the European Union, the constitutional and legal foundations of public administration with focus on state administration and  local self-government, as well as economic principles and contexts, including organizational and management issues and their practical application in the actual practice of public administration.  A graduate of this study program will obtain the fundamental knowledge for the performance of working activities in public administration where the intellectual work prevails.  Subsequently, the graduate will be able to undertake activities, solve problems and adopt decisions in fundamental issues at all levels of public administration. The graduate will obtain the skill:

  • To implement theoretical knowledge in improving and making public administration more efficient
  • To use the principles and principles of communication skills both within the organisation and in the public administration – citizen relationship
  • To plan and organize the processes and activities in public administration,
  • To apply the norms of primary and secondary law of the European Union related to the problems of public administration into the practice,
  • To issue simple individual legal acts and to prepare documents for the adoption of normative legal acts in the field of public administration.

  • Duly and fully completed application form, which may be submitted in two ways:
    • e-application(the preferred way), or
    • on the form (na tlačive (the forms are available in press sales network or in selected stationeries).
  • Officially translated into Slovak language end-of-year certificates from secondary school for the two years preceding the last year of study and, if the applicant is still a secondary school student, a half-year certificate for the last year of study at the secondary school, or a certificate of academic results issued by the secondary school
  • Officially translated photocopies of evidence of passing the state examination in a foreign language, or TOEFL language certificate, or Cambridge ESOL language certificate (if the applicant has passed the test).
  • Officially translated photocopies of diplomas (certificates) of participation in competitions and Olympiads at regional, national or international level (if the applicant has participated in the competition).
  • Officially translated into the Slovak language and officially certified proof of successful completion of complete secondary education shall be delivered by the applicant immediately after obtaining the matriculation certificate, no later than 15 August 2023
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Complete general secondary education or vocational secondary education
  • Evaluation of secondary education results:
    • The applicants will be admitted according to the total score obtained in the ranking list drawn up based on:
      • Secondary education results – max. 80 points
      • Completed language tests (state language exam, TOEFL certificates or Cambridge ESOL certificate) – 10 points
      • Significant achievements in competitions at the regional, country-wide and international levels – 10 points

The points for the secondary education results will be allocated based on the achieved study average of grades from secondary school year reports for the last two years of study (i.e. for the 2nd and 3rd years of study at secondary school and in the case of 5-year study – for the 3rd and 4th years of study at secondary school) and from the half-yearly report in the final year of the study (i.e. the 4th grade of the secondary school or the 5th grade of the secondary school).

The result of study – the study average of grades for the results of study at a secondary school:

1,00 – 1,30 – 80 points
1,31 – 1,60 – 70 points
1,61 – 1,90 – 60 points
1,91 – 2,20 – 50 points
2,21 – 2,50 – 40 points
2,51 – 2,80 – 30 points
2,81 – 3,10 – 20 points
3,11 – 3,40 – 10 points
3,41+- 0 points

Submission of printed-form application: 40 €
Submission of e-application: 20 €
The admission fee is to be paid by bank transfer to the account of Štátna pokladnica not later than on April 30th, 2023
Account No. (IBAN): SK5881800000007000086002
SWIFT code (for payments made from the Slovak Republic and the EU countries): SPSRSKBA
SWIFT code (for payments from countries outside the EU): SUBASKBX
Variable Symbol: 4971              
Constant Symbol: 0308
Specific Symbol: Birth registration number (eg. 1234567890)

Message for beneficiary – first name and surname of the applicant. The faculty reserves the right not to recover the admission fee.

Scheduled Number of Applicants to be Admitted in 2023/2024:
Full-time form of study: 30 students

Terms and Conditions of the Admission Procedure – Full Wording

Support for students with special needs
Study Guide
Student Parliament of the Faculty of Public Administration
Student Hostel and Canteen
Exchange possibilities
Cooperation with Institutions

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