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BAS Department at “Kam na vysokú” – for the first time in Poprad

0minút, 56sekúnd

On the 17 October 2019, the Department of British and American Studies FF UPJŠ presented its study programmes and activities for students at the exhibition of universities Kam na vysokú that took place in the town of Poprad for the first time. The first year in Poprad was a great success as it managed to draw the attention of a large number of students of various secondary schools from the region.
The study of languages at the BAS Department was a very attractive element that brought good numbers of students to the FF UPJŠ stall. Students were not only interested in the study of English but also in its combination with German and French in the translation-interpretation study programmes. Most attractive for the students were the practical aspects of studying – especially internships and practice in companies. Popular was also the opportunity to receive a double diploma or the possibility to visit foreign countries through Erasmus+ mobility programme. Moreover, several students considered the study of languages as a viable alternative to their already existing plans for their further education.

Filip Šera, M.A.
PhD student of the BAS Department FF UPJŠ

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