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A unique opportunity for a student of the BAS FF UPJŠ Department

0minút, 42sekúnd

Martin Hudák, B.A., a student of the MA study programme the English Language for European Institutions and Economy, represented the BAS Department, the Faculty of Arts, the UPJŠ and Slovakia at ‘The Shadow Report Conference on the Macroregional Strategy of the Danube Region’ held in Vienna in April 2023, after participating in other projects of the Europe House in Budapest. The conference featured around 70 participants from various EU member and non-member states, who took part in a panel discussion followed by a workshop. During the conference, Martin emphasized the importance of information access and expressed concerns about anti-European influences in certain member countries of the European Union. The discussions were a vital part of the challenges and solutions that the European Union faces at the macroregional level.

Martin Hudák, BA and Dr. Július Rozenfeld, BAS FF UPJŠ

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