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Accomplishments of the Students of the Department of Psychology

0minút, 40sekúnd

The Faculty of Arts is proud of its educated, smart, and successful students. The latest proof of success achieved by the students comes from the Department of Psychology. At the International Student Psychological Days 2024 in Prague, the 2nd year Master’s degree student Bc. Samuel Vladimír Sedlák won 1st place in both the Slovak and International Master’s sections and the 1st year Master’s student Bc. Katarína Ruttkayová won 2nd place based on the students’ evaluation (voting was combined for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s sections).

PhD students Mgr. Ester Nosáľová and Mgr. Michaela Muchová (in the attached photos) took 1st place in the competition for the best paper in the Students’ section of the international conference Psychology of Work and Organization 2024 in Zlín.

We congratulate Samuel, Katarina, Ester, and Michaela.

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