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4minút, 25sekúnd

WORKSHOP: HOW TO MANAGE THE CONFLICT SITUATION                                                             23.10.2019

We participate in the development of psycho-social skills not only for students but also for the general public, for example employees of Slovak libraries. On October 17th, 2019, the University Library of UPJŠ in Košice with the support of the Slovak Libraries Association organized an interactive seminar for librarians on the topic “How to handle a conflict situation” led by our lecturers Anna Janovská and Lucia Hricová. Thank you for your invitation and look forward to more similar experiences.

PPRCH CONFERENCE 2019 IN PRAGUE                                                                                                 23.10.2019

The topic “Quality in prevention is the best investment for the future: Reflection on the development and development of quality policy” was presented at this year’s conference “Primary prevention of risky behavior” 7.10. – 8.10.2019 in Prague. Individual contributions offered insight into the possibilities and system of registration of preventive activities at schools as well as certification in the field of primary prevention. Our colleagues presented scientific papers on the risk behavior of children, the involvement of parents in research as well as lecturer competences of university students. Poster submissions are available here.

SEMINAR FOR PREVENTION COORDINATORS                                                                                     23.10.2019

On October 7th, 2019 a specialized methodological seminar for prevention coordinators and school psychologists was held entitled: “Program of universal prevention of addictive substance use Unplugged – risky and problematic behavior of pupils ”. Mgr. Anna Janovska, PhD. informed participants about the Unplugged Preventive Program, about the university continuous education for pedagogical and professional employees of elementary schools, which is focused on the training of lecturers of the program “Unplugged”. At the same time, the participants were informed about the latest research findings in relation to the effectiveness of the “Unplugged” program, substance use and other forms of problematic adolescent behavior. The seminar was held within the project KEGA 016 UPJŠ-4/2017 and also with the support of APVV-15-0662.

CONFERENCE QUALITY OF LIFE 2019                                                                                                    23.10.2019

3.10 – 4.10.2019 in Stará Lesná, a multidisciplinary conference Quality of Life 2019 was held which could not lack a representative from our team. Mária Bačíková presented her paper on PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL OF PARENTS IN THE CONTEXT OF ADOLESCENTS DEVELOPEMENT also brought a lot of interesting up-to-date information from the conference. 

OPEN DOOR DAY AT THE PHILOSOPHY FACULTY                                                                                 2.10.2019

On Friday, October 4, 2019 at 10:15 am in the Socrates building, AS3S3 room, we will welcome our potential students on an open door day. An interesting lecture is prepared for those who would like the career of a teacher of psychology. Classmates, siblings or parents… everyone is welcome.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE CONFERENCE IN ATHENS                                                                 13.09.2019

We also work during summer and outside of Slovakia, directly in Athens. Our colleague Mgr. Mária Bačíková, PhD.  attended the 19th International Conference of the European Society for Developmental Psychology in Athens on 29.08.2019 – 1.09.2019. Her lecture was about the internalization of parental control and self-control in adolescents. The book of abstracts from the conference, which was attended by many prominent persons from the field of developmental psychology, can be found here. Her oral presentation is available here.


Next week we will start the third run of the extension study in school psychology. The study is designed for graduates of psychology teachers in combination. In this semester, students are offered topics such as: Current trends in the development of school psychology; Psychopathology, child development disorders for school psychologists; Psychology of health and illness for school psychologists; Ethics in the school psychologist practise and Positive psychology in the school psychologist practise. More information about the study can be found here.


We visited the 41st International Conference of the School Psychology Association – ISPA 2019 in Basel, Swiss. The topic “Personality and family correlates of problem behavior among adolescents” was presented by PhDr. Anna Janovska, PhD. There is a conference program as well as a poster presentation.

HOW DO YOU BEHAVE???                                                                                                                       16.07.2019

That was the topic on Friday, July 12th., offered to students of Children’s University – University without Borders. 72 holidays-enjoying schoolchildren learned how different people can behave in conflicts and what is their typical way of solving conflict with their peers. They found many foxes, some owls, turtles, teddy bears, but also a few sharks. Children were leaving with information that if we try to reach a consensus in conflicts and we care for each other, conflicts can even improve relationships.

ISSUP CONFERENCE IN VIENNA                                                                                                               15.7.2019

The international conference on “Drug Prevention, Treatment and Care – Inspiration and Direction” was held in Vienna this time from 1.7. to 5.7.2019. Two members of our team , Marta Dobrowolska Kulanová and Lucia Hricová took part with their poster contributions. The conference was focused mainly on prevention and treatment of substance dependence, but also on genetic, neurological or social determinants of substance use. The conference is also a form of support for countries where the substance prevention and intervention system is absent or in its beginning. Our contributions represented original research findings concerning the quality of implementation of the preventive program Unplugged and risky alcohol use among Slovak university students.

Poster presentations are available here:

Dobrowolska Kulanová, M., Orosová, O., Štefaňáková, M. – Following or ignoring affective states and risky drinking among university students

Štefaňáková, M., Orosová, O., Bacikova-Sleskova, M., Janovská , A., Hricová, L. (prezentujúca) –  The factors associated with the implementationquality of the universal drug useprevention program Unplugged



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